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One of the most delicate parts that holds a garage door together are the garage door springs, which are also important in closing and opening garage doors. When the garage door springs are broken, your garage door is as good as damaged, too. Without working springs, your garage door may not function as well as it should: it may fail to open, close, or will only open up to a certain height.

When is it time to replace your garage door springs?

Aside from clear evidence of damage, garage door springs may break when they fail to withstand the elements. Fortunately, there are visible signs that can show the state of your garage door so you can schedule a repair before your garage door breaks entirely.

Wear and Tear

By simply visually inspecting the coil springs of your garage doors, you should be able to tell whether it needs replacement by checking the presence of rust, chips, or a clean snap between two sides of the spring. If these are visible, a new spring is needed immediately.

Visible Damage to a Garage Door

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Vehicular accidents can happen everywhere-- on a highway, the thoroughfare, and even at home. Even the most careful of drivers may accidentally bump (or crash) into their garage door at some point. If this has happened to you lately, it would be wise to get a garage door specialist to take a look at the door and thoroughly check for any damage. Impact against the garage door may cause the springs, or the entire structure, to misalign. Replacing the damaged parts as soon as possible can save it from bigger and more serious repairs down the line.

Unaligned Garage Door

Damages to a garage door may also cause it to be misaligned. Even a slight angle is a sign that the garage door springs is either damaged or worn out. When this happens, the best solution is to identify the cause of the misalignment and to repair it as soon as possible. For severe cases, replacing the entire garage door may be necessary.

Difficulty in Opening or Closing Your Door

Finally, one of the most common signs of a damaged garage door is a door that refuses to close or open. When your garage door begins to act more like a wall, it's time for a repair. Possibility is high that the garage door does not open or close properly due to broken coils springs; this will require the coil springs to be replaced.

The True Cost of DIY

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The internet is rife with seemingly affordable DIY repairs and solutions, but is it proper to do your garage door springs repair by yourself?

Even the sturdiest of materials can succumb to the elements and break. If this happens to your garage door springs, or if the need for some serious, thorough repairs arise, getting someone with experience in fixing garage doors is one decision you will never regret. Doing garage door springs repair by yourself may lead to untoward accidents and may even cause you to shell out more cash than you intended to save should a DIY repair not go as well as planned.

Spring steel use in garage door springs are difficult to weld. Over time, spring steel loses its temper, which causes it to break. When this happens, there is no other solution but to replace it with a new spring steel or coil spring, or whichever is suitable for your garage door. With a new coil, the technician will have wind it with a special set of tools-- in this case, a long metal rod is used to wind the coil, and put it in place. Later, it is tightened with an axle.

To test if the spring steel is in good, working order, the garage door must not wobble as it closes, and opening it, as well as closing it, should go smoothly.

If, however, the garage door creaks loudly as it opens or closes, or if the doors do not close at an even level, there is a need to redo the coil spring installation. Due to problems like these, fixing garage door springs has been considered by many to be tricky and challenging. It takes a seasoned technician with the right tools, know-how, and spare coil springs to go about the installation and repairs of a garage door spring without a hitch.

What You Should Know About Our Technicians

Our technicians are not only skilled in fixing a variety of garage door problems, they can also provide you with tips and advice to keep your garage door in good, working condition. Our technicians come prepared every time, and are equipped with the right tools to do the job in a professional, time-conscious, and masterful manner.